Top 10 Most Haunted Places in India - Real Ghost Stories

Feb 2, 2022 11 min read
most haunted places in india

India, the home of ancient civilisation and a hub of multi-ethnic tribes and people, has stirred the imagination of people for centuries. As exotic as it seems from the first look, it has dark places with untold dark mysteries and horrors.

Whether such places are haunted by the ghosts and spirits of the dead or some strange, mysterious, and supernatural forces rule these places is a question that remains unsettled.

But one thing is sure as you move from Bhangarh Fort to the Dow Hill station, the events which take place are superhuman and any rational mind cannot accept it and perhaps never bear the horror it generates.

If you are interested in the story of such places, then hold your horses tight, you are about to experience the dread of most haunted places in India. Whether you should believe in it is a question that would become very easy once you go through the story of these places.

The Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan

india's most haunted place
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The enigmatic city of Bhangarh in Rajasthan was once a booming city but time’s stroke reduced the stature of this place to ruin, an abandoned city. At the center of the story of Bhangarh’s decay, stands the Bhangarh Fort which is one of the most horrific and haunted places in India.

During the daytime, this still a popular spot entertains lots of tourists but as soon as the darkness descends, it is turned into the homeland of ghosts. Even the Archaeological Survey of India has put a board before some distance to the fort, warning people to maintain distance from the fort after darkness. Because it is believed that anyone who dares to enter the fort after sunset will never return to the human world.

The natives hear strange, horrific voices rising from the fort at midnight and it connotes as if a ceremony of music and dance is taking place inside the fort. Amidst it, people have heard the voices of women cries that howl through the fort. A strange woman has also been seen, who walks the temple with a perfume container in her hand, rousing a strange smell through the fort.

The history of Bhangarh fort reveals that there used to be a princess named Rani Ratnavati, who was one of the most beautiful and courted princesses. To win the heart of the princess a necromancer, he cast a strange spell on her perfume bottle.

When her agents revealed the reality of the perfume to her, she threw it upon a rock. The spell was reversed and the rock fell from the mountain and directly hit the necromancer. When dying from the pain, he cursed the Bhangarh with ultimate destruction.

Shortly afterward, Rani Ratnavati died and one after another battles and strange events occurred at Bhangarh, which reduced the city to mere ruin. People still believe that Rani’s spirit haunts the fort to this day.

Another unbelievable point is that since the curse of the necromancer, any effort to restore or renovate any place of the fort strangely results in its further deterioration.

Tunnel No.33, Shimla

most haunted place in india
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There is a tunnel in Shimla, Tunnel No.33, which provides a safe passage to the train. However, the people report an uncomfortable feeling upon entering the tunnel. Many have seen a creature who feels like looking out at them from the tunnel. People conceive the presence of supernatural entities by hearing dreadful voices from the tunnel at night.

In 1889, the project of constructing it was taken by captain Barog, a talented British engineer, who was having a hard time with this project. Lots of work and financial pressure was hindering his way but soon after signing the contract, he gave an ultimate date for its completion. But he failed and got penalised by the imposition of a very heavy fine, which he could never pay.

His career ended and he fell into so severe depression that he took his life. He committed suicide in front of the tunnel. The tunnel was half completed by him but he never got the reward for it, rather he had to take his life.

The natives of Shimla believe that his spirit still haunts this tunnel. But this is not the end of the mystery, as many people have seen women in the tunnel. Once a man tried to help a woman who had run into the tunnel but he realised that there was no one in the tunnel and he even doubted whether she was a woman or some supernatural creature.

The Brijraj Bhawan Palace in Kota

top 10 haunted places in india
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In the city of Kota, Rajasthan stands the haunted Brijraj Bhawan Palace. The palace was constructed in 1830 by the British Government. People believe that it is haunted by the spirit of Major Burton, an officer in the British army.

Though the palace has been converted into a hotel and is inhabited by staff and lots of people, many believe that the horrific murder committed there has seeped into its walls. Two kids are seen walking through the hotel and dreadful shrieks and voices rise with the appearance of vague spirits at the night.

Major Burton lived at the palace with his two sons, during the time riots had erupted between natives and the British Government in 1857.

But the night of 15 December 1857 changed everything for the happy family. Hordes of people started marching upon the palace, as the guards informed the major. He thought they must be coming for some demands but as soon as they arrived, bloody violence erupted.

Seeing this and believing that guards would be able to stop these people, the Major took his sons to the upper room and hid. But the people soon found them and dragged them into the hall on the ground floor. The major and his sons were brutally killed by the mob.

People believe that major Burton had accepted his fault and it would have been wise to kill only him. But the innocent deaths of his kids were unbearable for the spirit of Major Burton who started to haunt the palace.

The G.P. Block of Meerut

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The G.P. Block of Meerut is one of the few haunting places in India, whose mystery has never been known, far from solving it. For decades, this place has been believed to be haunted.

Many people see a girl sitting on the roof of the building, who suddenly disappears. They also claim that a woman wearing a red sari often goes into the building. Whoever passes by the building or tries to explore it sees a group of four boys drinking wine in a room. But as soon as people go to the room, the group mysteriously disappears.

The strangest thing about this building is that no paranormal activity expert has ever come to know who these four persons are who disappear. This place does not even have a background story that can explain this activity. The rusty building is so horrific that no one dares to pass it even by the road.

The Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station in Kolkata

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The Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station in Kolkata is not only the scariest place in West Bengal, but any Indian can get afraid when he recalls its story while waiting for the metro. It has gripped the natives with such horror that once the last train leaves the station at 10:30 PM nobody goes around it.

There is a mysterious force in this area that attracts people who want to commit suicide. Eighty percent of this area’s suicides occur on this station. People murder themselves by standing on the train track. Therefore, people believe that due to all these suicides the station is haunted.

The spirits of the dead wander the station at all times. The train drivers and station workers report that they feel a strange presence on the station and many people have seen the visible form of ghost spirits. They see a vague shade that resembles the shape of a man. It feels as if it has become a station of ghosts.

Terra Vera Palace, Bangalore

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The palace of Terra Vera which was built in 1943 is the most dreadful place in Bangalore. In 2002, someone murdered the owner of the palace by stabbing her with a knife. Her death deserted the palace and loneliness seeped from the walls.

Shortly afterward, some brain-chilling events started to take place there. The shrikes which came out of the palace were mixed with the sound of piano which played automatically happened daily. When some people tried to inspect the place, they found a fallen statue of Jesus Christ, whose head was cut.  Many even claim that they have seen the ghost of Dolce, the palace owner, haunting the place.

Considering this, the whole place was demolished but still, nobody goes near it for the fear grips their hearts hard.

Khairatabad College, Hyderabad

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It is commonly believed that the person whose funeral rites are not performed, his soul never attains peace. So, rarely does anybody know the black luck which fell upon the Khairatabad Science College in Hyderabad, where many were left without proper funeral rites. Once a famous college, it has now turned into a ruin.

The college was doing good until one day the building of the college started to collapse and the whole building was closed for the fear of any casualties.  But no one took out the dead bodies present in the biology laboratory for dissection.

Later, it was heard that people saw those dead bodies moving around the building. The Government was afraid that criminals would take this place as a refuge so two guards were appointed to look after the place.

The guard told the police that one night a girl’s cries were coming out of the building as if someone was beating her. To save her, the other guard went inside but he never came out. When the police entered the building on the report of the second guard, they found the dead body of the guard there. His condition was such as if he had a seen horrible thing before his death, because his eyes were open and it looked as if he died from horror.

Whatever the guard had seen in the building went away with his death. Police also found some unknown dead bodies in the college. Dreadful and mysterious voices have been heard coming out of the building while some people saw skeletons moving. It is believed that it is the home of the spirits whose bodies are still lying there, waiting to be given funeral rites.

Malcha Mahal, Delhi

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In this palace of ruin, people are afraid to go even in the daytime. They have heard cries and shrieks of unknown entities. In the year 1325, Feroz  Tughlaq got this palace made for himself as a hunter’s rest house. He used to stay at this palace whenever he went on the hunt in the forest.

This palace has been abandoned for at least 700 years and had been turned into ruin when in 1985 Begum Wilayat Mahal came to stay here. After a dispute with the Indian Government and many hardships, Begum Wilayat finally got ownership of the palace. Afterward, she started living in the palace with her family. But how could she have managed to live in a broken and abandoned place where weed and plants ruled every corner of the estate? You cannot imagine.

Even in 1985, there was no electricity or water supply in the palace but despite this, she lived there. It is said that she had severed her connection from the rest of the World. She had a daughter and a son and the three of them started living there.

Begum Wilayat Mahal used to sell her jewelry for bread and butter but soon came a time when all jewelry was finished. Facing this tragedy, in 1993, she committed suicide.

It remains unknown whether she committed suicide out of financial hardship or there was some mysterious energy that compelled her to take her life.  Four years later, her daughter also died mysteriously. Lastly, her son’s death is also related to this building. Therefore, it is believed that the spirits of those dead still haunt and roam the palace.

D’Souza Chawl, Mumbai

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Out of many mysteries which are buried in Mumbai, the most grave is the woman of the chawl’s well. Usually, the haunted places are a ruin or some deserted home but this chawl is haunted despite the fact that hundreds of people live here.

The crisis of water was the most gruesome in the chawl and people decided to build up a well. However, they committed one mistake: they neglected to build the walls around the well. There is a central well for drawing up water in the chawl.

One night, when everyone was fast asleep, a woman went to the well to quench her thirst. But due to no walls and the slippery ground around the well she fell into the well. She loudly cried for help but nobody turned out to help her.

In the morning, her body floating over the water surface was seen by the women and her dead body was taken out and her funeral rights were properly formed. Due to her death, the well was closed and the natives found water in the other part of the chawl.

However, people claim that they still see that woman sitting around the edge of the well. While the actual woman could not get out of the well, her ghost made it out and started roaming through the chawl. Many hear her shrieks and cries of help at the night.

Though the top of the well has now been sealed, the people who live at the chawl still fear her spirit and nobody dares to go to the well after evening.

The Haunted Dow Hill

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Dow Hill is the most haunted hill station in India. A small station that is beautiful in the daytime but as soon as the dusk falls, the place turns into one of the creepiest horror places.

The famous Victoria Boys School on the hill station is surrounded by the mystery of ghosts and spirits. It is said that when school is shut down for three months during winter vacations, then the natives have heard strange dreadful voices coming from the building.

Once, a tenth standard boy was going to his hostel room after returning the book at the school library when he suddenly heard the steps of someone. He felt like someone was walking beside him. Then somebody called his name and he abruptly turned but the corridor was empty.

He turned towards the door and saw someone standing in black clothes. He thought that it was one of his school friends but as he approached him the boy jumped out of the building and ran into the forest.

The schoolboy followed him into the jungle but the dusk had already started falling. Suddenly someone put a hand on his shoulder which kicked the shit out of him. But as he turned he saw a woodcutter standing there.

He advised him to go back to the school but on his way back he saw him again. He threw his bag on the boy’s head but it didn’t even hurt him. When he carefully looked, the boy had no head. Seeing this he ran towards the school and the boy started following him.

The schoolboy was afraid when he reached the school but still heard him calling his name. Late night, the watchman found the schoolboy fainted in the corridor.

When he got up, he told the story to the watchman. It is said that the boy still roams the haunted hill and many woodcutters who see him go mad.

Concluding Remarks

While it is a big deal to shortlist the most haunted places in India, it is more difficult to depict all the haunted places. Countless places wait to be explored, there are stories everywhere, but very few Indians know about them.

Almost every region in India hosts such places where the human intellect subsides and mysterious, dark forces overtake and overrun the basic laws of this world and human life.

If you are interested in reading some real ghost stories of India, you should checkout the story of Baba Harbhajan Singh, the brave army soldier who is still protecting our India's border even after his death.

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